The Preston Growers Co-Op, Inc., was formed in 2014 in response to the Farm-to-School initiative. Several small farms joined together to form a group in order to supply enough high quality, locally grown foods to help meet the needs of the Preston County Schools. Working together these farms provided a wider selection and a larger volume of foods than any of the farms could alone. 

Since 2014, our scope has expanded and we became an official cooperative in 2016. Our customer base now include other larger organizations such as academies, other county schools, and hospitals who are seeking to buy locally grown foods in larger quantities.

All our farms who provide products to our customers are either already GAP Certified or are in the process of becoming GAP Certified. All our meats are USDA inspected, and our food processing facilities are FDA approved.

Our goal is to provide Farmer’s Market quality food, grown on small local farms to support the needs of large institutions. We are striving to become the place to go in Preston County for true locally grown fresh foods.

How to Get Started

Customers can use the Contact Us page to sign up to become a new customer. Once you are established as a new customer, our coordinator will contact you to ask about your food needs in terms of volumes and availability. This helps us with our continuing production planning and membership. She will also assist you in the order processing or answer questions you may have.

Placing Orders

You can place orders through our Products page which is updated on a regular basis with availability from the farms. You will receive a confirmation notice with your order number and a delivery date. If you use purchase orders, an invoice will be emailed to your main office, and if you use credit card as payment for the order, you can enter the credit card information and the order will be billed AFTER delivery.

Order Delivery

We normally deliver on Mondays between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm; however, arrangements can be made to make additional deliveries or deliver at an alternate time if necessary. 

A delivery slip will be provided to you along with your order. The delivery slip will contain, at a minimum, the name of the farm the products came from and traceback codes for all products in the order.