Our farms are all located within Preston County, West Virginia. The cooperative currently includes nine active farming families:

Shafer Heritage Farm

Bob and Joyce Shafer - Bruceton, WV

Shafer Heritage Farm Shafer Heritage Farms is a 315 acre family farm located north of Bruceton Mills, WV. Bob & Joyce Shafer are the second generation to own the farm, and two more generations currently live on the farm and help with the day to day operations. The hope is to have the farm continue in the family for many generations to come.

Bob & Joyce were both born to farm families, and began farming on their own when they married in 1974, primarily as a cow-calf operation. Through the years both worked full time jobs and farmed evenings and weekends.

The farm has become more diverse to help sustain it. Products now include hay & straw, soybeans, corn, grains, beef, pork, and free range eggs.

In 2011 Joyce retired and began growing vegetables and small fruits. Two greenhouses are used to grow and sell annual vegetable & flower plants, and hanging baskets in the spring. The greenhouses and a high tunnel are used to grow vegetables in the summer and for season extension in early spring and late fall. Six field plots are utilized for annual vegetables, root and storage crops, and some small fruits.

The farm also has a small FDA-approved processing facility where value-added products such as chopped bagged lettuce and frozen vegetables are processed.

Stemple Brothers Farm

James and Darwin Stemple - Terra Alta, WV

Stemple Bros_.jpgWe are a third generation, owned and operated farm, located in Terra Alta, WV. We have 415 acres that we farm. There are just the two of us that farm.  We produce beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, as well as most vegetables. We are a little old fashioned, by which I mean, we try to grow things the way God intended, or as close as possible.


Vista View Farm

Chris and Joyce Tatham - Masontown, WV

tatham1_web.jpgVista View Farm is located four miles from Masontown, WV, in Preston County.  Our 24’ x 92’ high tunnel greenhouse is on our 19 acre farm.

We market tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and some squash, lettuce, and broccoli; at three farm markets. Crops are grown in the ground with raised beds.

This is our fifth season and we plan to have tomatoes ripe for harvest from mid-June through October. We came to be veggie growers after retiring from being a professional forester and thirty-two years as owners of two garden centers, growing greenhouse crops and landscaping.

Vested Heirs Farm

BJ and Debbie Fike, Darla Stemple, and Cindy Murphy - Aurora, WV

Vested Heirs Farm membersVested Heirs Farm

Vested Heirs Farm came to be by combining the names of the first generation of Stemples to farm our land in Aurora, WV. Our grandparents, Fred and Vesta Stemple, bought Four Winds Farm over 80 years ago and raised their family, crops and dairy cattle on it. Our parents continued the farming tradition with dairy cattle, strawberries and eventually beef cattle. As the next generation, we wanted to put our own fingerprint on the farm so we combined "Vesta" and "Fred" to make Vested Heirs Farm.

BJ and Debbie Fike along with Darla Stemple and Cindy Murphy are the current generation to be “vested” in this land. We have over 100 acres of prime Preston County farmland on which we grow fresh produce and operate a U-Pick strawberry operation. Using high tunnel technology, we are able to extend our growing season to meet the needs of customers hungry for fresh local produce.


Ashley & Josh Bodkins, Matthew Bachtel and Dianna Bachtel - Horse Shoe Run, WV

HemlockSprings.jpgHemlock Springs Farm came to be in 2013 when Josh and Ashley Bodkins purchased property in Horse Shoe Run from her Grandparents Gene and Bernadine Bachtel and became the 5th generation to live on this land. Ashley’s Great-Great Grandfather Charles Arthur (C.A.) Rembold built the barn and other buildings over 100 years ago and are still in us today. We currently raise dairy beef steers, chickens for eggs, and vegetables. We continue our family’s commitment to caring for the land by incorporating best management practices to build and sustain the soil.  We use high tunnels to reduce the need for pesticides, to extend the growing season, and to increase productivity. The vegetables we grow include tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, cabbage, peas, sweet potatoes, and sweet corn.

Hemlock Springs Farm’s vegetable production team includes Ashley, her brother Matthew Bachtel, and her mother Dianna Bachtel.   Dianna and William live on a nearby dairy farm, where they have all worked together successfully for many years.  Matthew works on the family dairy farm full time, and Dianna recently retired to care for the 6th generation farmer, Abigail.


Griff and Kristan Rogers - Bruceton Mills, WV

Ornery Acres.jpgOrneryAcres2.jpg







Formed in 2015, Ornery Acres is a small family farm located in Bruceton Mills , WV. We focus on growing high-end vegetables for sale at farmers markets and to local restaurants. Through the use of high tunnels, low tunnels and plasticulture farming , we are able to offer fresh produce nearly year round. We believe strongly in good agricultural practices and sustainable farming methods to grow healthy and delicious vegetables.


Joseph and Ronald Stemple - Aurora, WV

Valley Farm.jpgBrothers Joseph and Ronald Stemple are in their 22nd year of producing maple syrup and maple products on this 450-acre farm. The farm has been in the family for 5 generations, and has 125 acres of woodland with abundant sugar maple, which supports 12,500 taps each year. Valley Farm is a modern operation using all current technology to create high quality product that has an excellent reputation. Distribution is through local channels and primarily wholesale. The farm is located 1 mile north of Aurora, WV, on the Aurora Pike, at the headwaters of Wolf Creek.




Julie Mallow - Masontown, WV

Vegetable Garden.jpgMy Grandpa Davis started back in the early 50's as a small dairy, the farm then grew from there. My father and uncle were both involved on the farm after high school and again when they returned from their service in the military. Davis Brothers was Incorporated in 1973 and we continued to milk cows until 1993. In the meantime my mother started P & J Produce in the late 70's, that is where I got my start with vegetables. In the summer we helped plant, pick and sell vegetables, we had a pick your own green beans patch for many years. My Mom and Dad attended the Morgantown Farmers Market when it was on High St next to the Metropolitan Theatre. After meeting my husband, we started The Vegetable Garden on July 28th 2004, at first we mainly focused on growing potatoes, then as the years passed we started growing other veggies, we began taking them to Peaslee's Auction and setting up a few hours each week. Over the last 5 years we have added more markets bringing the total to 7 markets a week, including the Westover and Downtown Morgantown Markets.